S.L. Peterson

C.E.O/ Executive Producer
Ever since I can remember, I have always had a passion for the arts. In grade school I was involved in art based programs rather than sports. I played the violin, studied dance (ballet, jazz, hip-hop, etc) and was a vital player in the theatre programs of my high school and church. I attended Howard University for my undergraduate studies and although I earned my Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Business Management, I never loss sight or ‘heart’ for the arts. Summer of my junior year I interned at MTV Networks in Times Square, NYC and that was my introduction into the world of entertainment.

Post graduation from the illustrious Howard University, I worked for a start-up non-profit in Washington DC started by my church. While the cause was great and the staff and people served were even greater, I knew there was more for me to accomplish in Arts and Entertainment. Through Prayer and reflection, I had a clearer understanding of my purpose and what was next for me so I began my search for the right opportunity.

My journey began with an internship at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia in the Fall of 2007.  That internship in the Office of the Supervising Producer opened many doors of opportunity for me in the world of Film and TV production. I have worked in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York markets, respectively, gaining irreplaceable experience.  I was soon producing and co-produce music videos and marketing content for various artists and businesses.
So, what made me create EME you ask? Well… The world of Television & Film can expose one to so many different aspects of business and entertainment. My experiences overall have been centered around taking an idea from conception to actualization. I  know how to get a project done from start to finish, regardless of the type of project at hand. I have organically helped a number family and friends develop their ideas become full-fledged entities. It was the next step for me in moving forward in my purpose. While Eselle Media & Entertainment was created with Creativity, Production and Business in mind it was also created with the heart of the people in mind as well. We must continue to rise and uplift one another. EME intends to do just that. When passion meets purpose!