Eselle Media & Entertainment

Eselle Media & Entertainment is a multi-media company that focuses on brand development and Film/TV/Video Production essentially.


From small businesses, artists, and/or professionals of any industry we assist in building a brand that is competitive and lucrative within your market through innovative, creative and clean designs and content.


We believe presentation is everything!


Every business, whether selling a product, art form, or service needs a platform and brand establishment. We assist in creating the ability to compete in a social media based society where “viral” equates to sales. We also assist those who still “dream in analog” rather than digital and would like to remain in a world that thrives more in exclusivity and simplicity successfully.


 The TV/Film/Video Production sector of the company, makes EME a “one-stop” shop for those looking to maximize exposure in the current media climate. We produce photo shoots, music videos, BTS footage, promotional content, commercial spots, and are venturing into TV, Film, and New Media.


Our mission is to deliver exceptional services and content to support our clients’ ideas and visions in an effort to propel their businesses to optimum success.